About Us


I am Ryan Russell, owner of  MTN Mobile Glass. I have spent the last 20 years installing over 35,000 windshields. I have worked as a contractor for the last 18 years. I have installed glass and lead crews for all the largest companies in Arizona. I am a fully trained Master Technician, meaning I have been certified in all aspects of automotive glass, commercial glass, residential glass and ADAS calibrations. Due to Arizona's high demand for windshield replacement, I focus almost all my time on windshield installations. 

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement has been a family trade for over 40 years. That history began in Boise, Idaho in the late 70's when my father, Wes Russell started installing and cutting glass at Hopkin's Glass on the Boise Bench. As a youngster, I spent some time hanging around the glass shop my dad managed. Later it turned into glass warehouses when he took a position working for the manufacturers. That position later moved our family from Idaho to Arizona where he began to sell glass to everyone in the country. Currently he is still working for a largest glass distributor in the USA. If it wasn't for him I would have never touched a windshield, but instead, I grew up surrounded by it. As a teenager I would attended glass conferences and delivering windshields. That influence helped it became a trade and a way to provide for myself and my family.

Besides being a Professional Glass Guy, I am have also been a Professional Golfer and  Fly Fishing Guide. At one time I was enrolled in Arizona State University's PGA Professional Golf Program and passed my PAT becoming a Class A PGA Professional.  I also am a a fly fishing guide part time. I have written  articles and appeared in some magazines.  I still guide when time allows for my other company Arizona Fly Fishing Adventures. My knowledge of the West is extensive and my talents and travels have taken me all over. When it comes to your windshield the choice is clear, I am the one of the best Auto Glass Technicians you could choose to work on your vehicle. Being a PRO is what I do, what I am and always will be. I want to be your best option for your auto glass needs!