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Auto Glass is our specialty. It has been a family trade for almost 40 years. We pride ourselves on being more knowledgeable and connected to the ever changing auto glass scene than any other company in the West. Along with our award winning service and skills, we also are able to tint your glass prior to installation in certain situations such as windshields sunshades and back glasses. We do the work ourselves so you deal with one person as opposed to some one who started last week.  We do match offers of other companies when it is financially feasible, but not at the expense of your insurance policy or charging extra. If we can't do a job personally, we contract with only the best companies and installers in Arizona. We have been in the field for 20 years in the desert and that unique position in the industry has introduced me to only the finest associates in the business.  We have the most experience and use the best quality O.E.M. glass whenever possible. Dealer Glass can be requested with insurance approval. Give us a call if you have any questions. We can handle almost any insurance claim and bill it for you easily. You will know within a few moments that you are talking to a Masters of the craft and not a telemarketing, paper pushing, glass company. You are a personal friend to us, not a number.

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Don't have windshield replacement coverage? That's OK! We got you covered. We charge flat labor rates and pass our wholesale glass prices on to you! Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest around. If someone is using the same quality materials and charging less, we have yet to meet them. We use the best materials possible, including Fast cure urethane to make sure you are back on the road safely. We use only trusted manufacturers to ensure warranty and quality and even know which specific vehicles require special handling. Please shop us and our prices. You'll quickly see that it's not even a comparison after you experience the savings and the service. Click on the link below to get a Cash Quote for your windshield or any other auto glass repair and replacement services.

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