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Windshield chip repair is a process where we use a liquid resin to fill the air space created within the glass when it is "chipped". There are many types of chips but usually in order to be repaired, the chip must be smaller than the size of a quarter. If the chip area isn't too big, we can try to repair it by injecting a special resin into the crack with a small machine. once filled, the resin is cures by using ultra violet rays to harden into a glass like material. filling the air space within the glass greatly reduces the chance of the crack or damage spreading. most of the visibility will disappear as well, but not all of it. It is similar to a scar. Also, our windshield chip repairs are guaranteed and if they ever fail, the cost of the repair will be refunded towards a new windshield. Most insurances will also cover the repair cost, even if you don't have windshield coverage. they will still pay for the chip repair in order to avoid costly repairs for you. please feel free to check with your insurance provider. 


 We provide mobile auto glass chip repair services to Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Mesa, Apache Junction, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Sedona, Cottonwood, Flagstaff, Camp Verde, Payson, and the surrounding areas. 

Windshield Chip Repair Cost 

Insurance - FREE

Cash Price - $30 First Chip | $10 each Additional